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Aqua Peel Facial Treatment

About Us

Sunshine Beauty Hub pampers clients with an array of customised aesthetics services with Celmonze, Dermaenergy, and Arcaya skincare products. The beauty and wellness centre melds technology with cosmetology, providing clients with anti-ageing facials, body massages, slimming solutions, mani-pedi services, and more at its premises along Bishan Street.


Are there an hidden costs?

No, the price stated is inclusive of GST and there will be no hidden costs for the whole facial treatment procedure. Your consultant may make suggestions to upgrade the trial treatment based on your skin condition, this option however, is entirely at your discretion.

Will I be forced to sign up for a package?

Please be assured that there is no hard selling or pressuring of clients at Sunshine Beauty Hub. Our consultants may recommend or introduce the packages suitable for your skin condition but the choice to take up the package or otherwise is entirely at your discretion.

Will I see visible results after facial treatment?

Of course! In just one short 60 minute D.N.A Facial Therapy session, customers can expect to see results such as increased hydration, whitening effects, visible lift and plumping of the skin as well as a radiant glow. You'll see visible improvements with every session, to varying degrees.

D.N.A Facial Therapy

(Cell Regeneration)

Will I feel visible results after body soreness treatment?

Of course! In just one short 45 minute Body Soreness Treatment session, customers can expect to feel Immediately results

This treatment is primarily designed for individuals with health and wellness needs, including those experiencing discomfort such as soreness and numbness; individuals seeking body shaping; and those facing a decline in reproductive function.

Body Soreness Treatment

身体酸痛负离子治疗 (Negative Ion Therapy)