Collection: Massage 按摩

● Aromatherapy Head Massage

● Bo Jin Treatment

● Eye Care Treatment

● Herbal Mud Moxibustion Herbal Mask

● Moxibustion (MOXA Treatment)

● Armpit Detox Massage

● Moxibustion 艾灸

● Rolling Leg Meridians

● Colon Detox Treatment

● Body Soreness Treatment

  • Bo Jin Therapy

    Bojin Therapy isused to enhance the beauty of the skin by relieving internal stress. It is also applied in Bojin facial treatments to work on muscles and tissue around the face, releasing tension and potentially relieving stress and headaches.

  • Body Soreness Treatment

    This treatment is primarily designed for individuals with health and wellness needs, including those experiencing discomfort such as soreness and numbness; individuals seeking body shaping; and those facing a decline in reproductive function.

  • Armpit Detox Massage

    Traditional manual massage techniques help to promote lymphatic detoxification in the armpit area.

  • Colon Detox Treatment

    Specially formulated essential oils for the fullness of the abdomen, poor stools, indigestion, protrusion of the abdomen, cold lower abdomen, according to the direction of the colon in the body combined with professional massage techniques, improve the above-mentioned discomfort and improve the skin tone.

  • Aromatherapy Head Massage

    Performing a whole head (including scalp) massage can promote scalp blood circulation, alleviate discomfort in the head, and further relax the body.

  • Eye Care Treatment

    ●Relieving eye fatigue
    ●Reducing dark circles and eye bags
    ●Improving eye blood circulation
    ●Promoting eye skin elasticity
    ●Relieving headaches and eye pain