Collection: Herbal 草本疗法

● Herbal Mud Moxibustion Herbal Mask


● Moxibustion



  • Moxibustion

    ● Harmonizes YinYang to prevent disease
    ● Clears the meridians and dispels cold
    ● Promotes Qi and blood flow, removes blood stasis and disperses blockage
    ● Warms and tonifies the body's Qi
    ● Prevents disease maintains health, strengthens body and prolongs life

  • Herbal Mud Moxibustion

    Chinese medicine moxibustion has a very flexible, can be attached to any part of the body, good effect, fast, with blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, dehumidification multiple effects, safety, no side effects on the skin, to cope with the problem.